Our Mission

Glory Tours is a ministry dedicated to giving the people of God find safe clean travel around the world

Glory Tours International was founded on the principle that God's people should have the best travel possible. Using over 26 years of experience working for leaders in the travel industry, Dr. Adam Blackstock has curated vacations that take into account your desire to live for God! From our Israel tours, to vacations in the Caribbean and Mediterranean, we do everything Jesus-Class!

We Are Professional Ambassadors

We expect nothing less than to give a Jesus Class Experience on every tour, cruise and vacation spot!

Our Team

Dr. Adam G. Blackstock

President And CEO

Dr. Adrinne Blackstock

Sales Consultant and Manager.

Justin K. Parton

Web Design & Marketing


What We Do?

With our experience and commitment, we will provide the best vacation, at the highest class Every Time!

Stress Free

Vacations are not supposed to stress you out! With our consulations we find out what you want to do, and then plan around that with presecion and balance!


If a cruise is what you are looking for, we can make that happen. We have cultivated close ties with some of the best cruise lines in the business, with the shared vision to give you the cruise of a lifetime!


Many of our tours are hosted by us personally. We do this becuase we want to be there every step of the way, that way you dont have to do anything but have a great time!


Our Founder has been all over the world, and with that has the experience to get you the best vacation. Whether its domestic or foreign, we can aim you in the right direction and get you to your stress free, family vacation!